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Light up the Outdoors!

After the rains and the cold weather (ok, we know that sounds crazy compared to the winter weather on the east coast) it’s great to take the time to get in our Spring cleaning and spruce up our yards and start that outdoor time.  We know it doesn’t say it in our name but we service Outdoor Lighting systems.  If you need a couple of lights added or maybe a portion or all of your system  isn’t coming on we can work on that and get you lit back up!  If you would like an entire system installed one of our technicians can review what you are interested in doing, offer suggestions and get you taken care of.

Reasons to add Outdoor Lighting to your landscape:

Added security; eliminate “blind spots” on walking paths, stairs or steps, patios and driveways to prevent trip hazards, oh and don’t give a possible intruder any place to hide!

Extend your living space; go beyond the walls when you add lighting to your patio or lawn areas and give yourself more space to relax and enjoy that home you’ve worked so hard for.

Create ambiance; everyone enjoys that beautifully lit up yard with up lights accenting your trees, path lights, deck or step lights and spot lights.  Enjoy the evenings entertaining or just relaxing in that beautiful setting!

Do you know what’s in your drain?

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Corey cleared these roots from a customer’s drain line.  Root intrusion into a drain line is one of the major causes of poor drainage.  A drain evaluation with a camera inspection can help find where you might have roots creating a blockage.Corey-Drain roots