Landscape Drainage

It has been our experience that the most forgotten component of most properties in San Diego is the drainage system.
Due to their relative invisibility most drains are neglected until they become a problem. This can be caused by a large rain event, or when a plumbing component fails and flooding ensues.
We have recently seen drainage systems that have not been serviced in decades, and now need to be either completely replaced or extensively reworked costing tens of thousands of dollars. All of these problems could have been avoided with routine inspection and cleaning.
Drain blockages can be caused by multiple things…from root intrusion collecting sediment in run-off, to large objects like soccer balls and water bottles.

​Eventually, if left uncleared, these things prevent your drains from flowing and will back up into yards, parking lots, and garages.
Whether it has been a few years, or a few decades, we are hoping to help you avoid many of these problems by using this winter to offer our professional services to inspect as many of your drains as possible.
If you would like to find out about pricing information or to schedule an inspection, please call the office at (858) 573-5128.

Corey-Drain roots

This video shows how a jetter is used to clear a landscape drain through the curb drain: